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Mini Hand Tool Set

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Extremely Utilitarian and Portable

Keep all your tools in one place with the Household Hand Tool Set. An ideal tool box organizer, this product is heavy duty and sturdy.

Home improvement projects can now be worked on safely and efficiently as all your important hardware tools will be neatly organized, easily accessible and portable. This product is designed to hold numerous tools, helping you get rid of the clutter that is around the house. 

Everything You Need in One Single Place

It fits in drawers and cabinets and are solid with a number of compartments, in which you will be able to store small supplies and accessories. The tray hold supplies such as hammers, pliers and more.

Different Storage Compartments for Different Tools

The design of this tool organizer is convenient and rolls perfectly for people on the move. All the bits fit in a double compartment. The dividers break apart and you slide them into the drawers.

Get Plenty of Storage for Hand Tools

With different compartments, you will be able to get plenty of room for all your essential tools and supplies you use. This Tool Set keeps your hand tools and accessories safe and secure.